A purpose



Her growing up years were spent finding what she really wants in life. The girl from Adelaide went from being a student to a juggler of nine jobs, before dropping herself to a completely new places. “I ended up loving it,” Maria says in her cute Aussie accent as she sits comfortably at the other side of the bed— hair tied in a messy bun, beautiful even without make-up, and just her usual self behind the camera.

Miria was having what she calls as ‘quarter life crisis,’ when, after going in and out of jobs, and finally landing in a job where she scans site for gadget reviews R-Tech24 , she realized that that was not something she really wants to pursue in the long run. She has the inner volition to chase something. Something that will make her alive, empowered, and inspired. And she started by getting in touch with her roots. Her experience of sleeping on the floor for five weeks at her extended family’s house, feeling at home, grounded, and safe, and away from glamorous hotel accommodations and luxury services, made her fell in love with the country.  When she went back to Australia, the then 22-year-old girl left her job at the corporate world, sold her car, leased her apartment, and gave away everything she had before buying a one-way ticket back to the place where she found life and love. Maria did not mind the crazy weather, traffic, and the busy city life that welcomed her. What she felt are those little first-time jitters of being alone in a foreign land. For months, Maria lived with her brother, who was also into modeling, but eventually had to venture out on her own when he decided to go back to Australia.Amidst all the butterflies in her stomach, she started with commercial modeling which, she said, was ‘incredibly bad.’ She recalls, “I was an extra for a shampoo commercial and I get 15 hundred pesos for an entire days work as an extra and I was so incredibly bad at being on camera that the director was actually like sort of raising her voice at me, telling me to, you know, not face away from the camera, not block the camera’s views, and the celebrity.” “You know my big moment, my being seen in the commercials got cut out, so I was like, ‘this is not meant for me,’” she says with a hearty laugh. It also came to a point when Maria felt that things are not turning the way she wants it. Surely, she knows that models who come here, or those who have traveled and lived abroad, have also gone passed the phase of having their peaks and lull factors in their runway careers.

“It occurred to me many times that perhaps I should consider going back. I really wanted stability in my life. Something that I love but would obviously provided an income,” she says. The idea of taking the England path, where she was born, was maybe the way to find the career she wants. She added, “It is very disheartening and discouraging but I truly believed that God has plans for me here and those seasons were all part of the puzzle of my journey here.”

“I don’t say that I enjoyed them but at the end of the day, it shaped me, it molded me.”

Starting on her own, Kim braved all these challenges. This tough and believer woman rented a unit in Eastwood while she chasing go-sees,  landing a few small roles in commercials and print ads, before clinching her first major endorsement.


Coping up


Caring for diabetes is an important part of a patient’s life. It is not just a one-time thing, but rather, it is a lifelong cycle. And even when you’re doing well at keeping your condition at bay, there will still be unexpected situations that can happen, such as diabetic emergencies.

During an emergency, the patient may experience an elevation (hyperglycemia) or a drop (hypoglycemia) in their blood glucose. Both conditions are crucial and may need hospital care. But more importantly, the patient needs to have a diabetes emergency first aid kits to help manage their condition while waiting for help. And here, we listed some of the supplies you need in your emergency kit. It is better to have wifi access in your computer so you will know the details and you can stick it in your calendar and important notes. Important to have a high speed internet everytime (know you net’s access point test to be sure) so you will not deal with the hassle

Hotelier, anyone?


A new hotel is about to open next month. It is owned by my businessman friend and he tasked me to organize the press launch. I am glad he gave me the opportunity to handle the launch as I am starting to build my portfolio in doing events. This is actually built. The five star resort is situated along the beach front and it has a breathtaking view of the mountains and the sea. I love how it also has over a hundred rooms and a couple of conference centers to hold events like weddings, parties, and teambuilding. It is also cool that they had an indoor swimming pool as well as some kiddie playground in case it rains. For the event, I am thinking to hire official photographer and videographers to document the launch. I asked them to bring in their 360 kamera to capture the entirety of the resort and I think that would be pretty cool to look at. I should be bringing along my 360 camera wherever I go. I am now excited and nervous for my big event management gig and I hope this shall go well.

Self Storage, it is worth it?


Well, self storage might be a help for you and your business. I advised this because whenever you are away or you do not have a physical workplace to keep you things in place, you can rely to it no matter what. Self storage is one of the best things that occur for businesses and I consider even other people and individual find benefit from this. I think this is also a nice investment for business as they need not to fret on little things and they can focus on other things. Check out compare storage prices here.

Must have accessories for all


Do you have that staple accessories all the time? That piece you always bring wherever you go? Even if it is a work related event or an afterparty? Well, I have one too. That is my wood watch. My wood watch, which I bought a year ago, has been with me everytime I go out. I am a busy person and I need a stylish piece that shall remind me of the time so I can keep track of my commitments on a day to day basis. I bought my zegarki  best wooden watches in an very trusted online shop which I have been frequenting for two years now. They have my trust already and I am happy because their excellent customer service is stil the same since I sarted being their customer. Next to wood watch is my headband, my mobile phone, and my scarf. I always need to have a scarf on my neck.

Shopping List


Are you ready to shop this weekend? Well, so am I too! i love shopping and it is my source of breather from work and my therapy. I just love shopping everything–for my apartment, some house and kitchen ware, some supplies for my business, clothes, food, shoes, bags, even wood watches. Name it all and I am definitely a sucker for shopping. Now, I have come to know that online shopping is the best saolutions for working individuals like me who do not have the time to shop in an actualy shopping mall. Online shops now has a lot of options to choose from depending on how you want the transaction to be. You can pay via Paypal, credit card, bank transfer, and other payment methods accredited and legal. I just love how they made everything comfortable for me and my every day living.

Why I am hooked with Amazon Prime Canada

 But, still, I must admit, one of the questions I get most often is this…is Amazon Prime worth it? I have to tell you, that as somebody who only occasionally uses Amazon shipping capabilities, and somebody who watches online programming from time to time, somebody who needs a little bit of online storage, but not necessarily a massive amount, I still find the value that is presented to me by Amazon Prime is absolutely massive and super impressive and effective, and that is coming from somebody who is not in massive need of any of the services that Amazon Prime uses, I still think that it would be worth the cost of admission. However, there is one group who, in my opinion, has no reason not to be using Amazon Prime. That group, of course, is students. Look, the student discount on Amazon Prime is absolutely off the hook. Considering the amount of services that you can get, I think that it is amazing that they are willing to offer their services for so cheap, and I think that they will build enough loyalty and brand loyalty by offering these services to students, that when students graduate from University and become well-paid professionals, there is no way that they will abandon Amazon Prime, and they’ll probably be more than happy to pay their full membership.

The selfie trend

Take a look at how Photography has manifested in today’s society. Today is a great representation, visually, of how far we have come as a society, and how technology evolves in shifts based on movements in society and the interests of people, and vice versa. For example, this type of Photography, very casual and in the hands of anyone, has seen this odd occurrence of the age of the selfie. The selfie is something that, may have existed in other forms in previous generations of human history. For example, the rich used to have themselves painted by the best painters in town, and have those portraits hung up on their wall. Now, everybody can take photos of themselves, and post them on their digital walls. It’s really not that much different, and in a way it’s very interesting and exciting. It’s exciting that that thrill, that used to only be experienced by the richest of people, can now be attained in a similar way by a much broader range of people among social classes and distinctions. It’s incredibly exciting, because it is totally unprecedented, compared to other eras of human history and other such things, it’s just not the kind of thing that occurs very often, and it’s really exciting to be living in the age when it is happening. So, why not contribute? Why not take up photography. You don’t even have to contribute them to anything other than your own Social Circles and social media, but if you get really into it there are all sorts of stock photography websites that take, exclusively, photos that have been taken on digital devices. Isn’t that so interesting?

No more facial wrinkles

I finally found something that is so good, as it gives me this glowing shined that is truly remarkable, and I would not hesitate to recommend this Vitamin C serum to a single person in the world. Anybody who has facial lines, wrinkles, discoloration, or anything that they would like on their face to be improved in terms of the quality or current appearance of their skin, I swear this vitamin C serum is a miracle worker, literally. I’m not the type of person who always write reviews about things like this, and I’m not the type of person who uses vitamin based serums, I’m a strict scientific person, and I can save science behind this project is sound. This is a product that I would not hesitate to recommend to literally any person in my life, even if they’re happy with the state of their skin. If you have dry skin, this is an amazing product, if you have wrinkles that you’d like to reduce the impact of, this is an amazing product, and if you have any type of scarring or discoloration on your face that has been bothering you, I would suggest that you use this product and just allow yourselves to be amazed at the results. I’ve used prescription creams to try to reduce scarring and other things on my face, like acne scarring, and the prescription is very intense, smell isn’t very good, it becomes quite greasy and oily, and it doesn’t even work very well. This does none of those.


More than a box of jewelry

Juju supply is filled with incredible objects. For example, they have a rose quartz charm that is absolutely incredibly beautiful, and they even have protective turquoise. Turquoise means a lot to me, and there are some people in my life who turquoise also means a lot too, so whenever I have to buy a gift for someone like that, I generally go to Juju supply.com and buy them some turquoise, or maybe a spiritual symbol of Ganesh or Buddha. These are just beautiful symbols that allow anybody to come up with a radical change for their life in a positive way. I mean, not only are you just giving someone something beautiful to practically helps them in their selection of something like jewelry, but these totems, symbols, charms, and crystals actually move so far beyond that, and can stimulate or motivate, or further at Major, spiritual change within a person. If I know somebody who is struggling with a disease, something as serious as cancer, for example, or if I know anybody who is going through any type of family turbulence, rather it’s a death in the family or a divorce, or if somebody has moved in order to relocate for a new job and is struggling to fit in, I find that these symbols allow them to have a fresh start. In fact, they even have a fresh start collection, with all sorts of beautiful charms and rings, that allow people to embrace change in a very meaningful and positive way. Beyond that, a lot of these stones and crystals are actually developed and curated specifically for their healing ability. I’m not somebody that needs to be convinced about the healing power of the Mind, rather than just medicine. Mind Over Matter, indeed.