Coping up


Caring for diabetes is an important part of a patient’s life. It is not just a one-time thing, but rather, it is a lifelong cycle. And even when you’re doing well at keeping your condition at bay, there will still be unexpected situations that can happen, such as diabetic emergencies.

During an emergency, the patient may experience an elevation (hyperglycemia) or a drop (hypoglycemia) in their blood glucose. Both conditions are crucial and may need hospital care. But more importantly, the patient needs to have a diabetes emergency first aid kits to help manage their condition while waiting for help. And here, we listed some of the supplies you need in your emergency kit. It is better to have wifi access in your computer so you will know the details and you can stick it in your calendar and important notes. Important to have a high speed internet everytime (know you net’s access point test to be sure) so you will not deal with the hassle

Hotelier, anyone?


A new hotel is about to open next month. It is owned by my businessman friend and he tasked me to organize the press launch. I am glad he gave me the opportunity to handle the launch as I am starting to build my portfolio in doing events. This is actually built. The five star resort is situated along the beach front and it has a breathtaking view of the mountains and the sea. I love how it also has over a hundred rooms and a couple of conference centers to hold events like weddings, parties, and teambuilding. It is also cool that they had an indoor swimming pool as well as some kiddie playground in case it rains. For the event, I am thinking to hire official photographer and videographers to document the launch. I asked them to bring in their 360 kamera to capture the entirety of the resort and I think that would be pretty cool to look at. I should be bringing along my 360 camera wherever I go. I am now excited and nervous for my big event management gig and I hope this shall go well.