Basic Information for Those Looking for a Government Job

If you are looking for government employment, and are searching for positions available, this article can help. It will be taking and in-depth look at various aspects of the employment game. Regardless of the job you choose to shoot for with the government these positions have different qualifications, pay grades, and experience requirements.

Positions in Government Employment: FAQ

There are many questions that race through the mind of almost every applicant in almost every position of government employment. Below I have listed a few and throughout the article I will be addressing them.
Where will I be working? Do I have to take a written exam? What is a federal register, appointment, series and announcement-and Do I need them? Do I have to have experience for the positions I am applying for? Which government facilities are hiring? Will I need training?
Positions in Government Employment: At Home or Abroad?

Many people want to know where they will be stationed with various positions they apply for. Approximately 10-15% of all government employment is in Washington, D.C. and other well known government facilities, as well as across the country and over seas. This is a small number but when you look at the bigger picture and see how many government positions there are this number is quite large. You should specify where you want to be placed either on your application/ résumé’ or during your interview. Approximately 50-60% of civilian employment is evaluated by the OPM or ‘Office of Personnel Management’ and they can direct hire or case hire (according to the specific situation and request) so again you would need to make your requests known.

Positions in Government Employment: Written Exams

This is a difficult question as the answer is usually based on what position you are applying. Various employment areas for the government will give you a written exam such as jobs for the state and some federal employment as well. But in many cases the actually “exam” consists solely of a detailed analysis of education and experience. A written test is administered only as an examining method into a deeper look as to how you are qualified for the job in which you are applying.

There are many (over 100) professional and administrative jobs which do require a written test under the ACWA (Administrative Careers With America) program. The only reason for this test is to rate the absolute best qualified person for the job.

Positions in Government Employment: Job Series Etc.

Every job announcement describes to the potential applicant and the experience required to obtain the specified job. It also tells you the job location, pay, and education available for those wanting the specific employment. Some job series include:
Secretary Computer specialist Accountant Engineer-electrical System specialist Laboring Equipment mechanic
The Federal Register-most of these were abolished in the early 90’s because of NPR initiatives. The register is a place where people who passed the exam with a score of over 70 were added. Agencies would then hire directly from the list as soon as the areas for which employment was desired open. Today, things are different people wishing for government employment applies for the specific job openings.

The announcements are referring to examination announcements. They are usually issued by the OPM and sometimes by the individual agency who need their positions filled immediately. The OPM has a network of employment service centers where they use Federal Jobs Touch Screen Computers: . You can use this website to locate “federal job announcements”, here you can find employment opportunities for certain government agencies. If you wish to see a complete list you either need to contact individual agency that you are hoping to apply or log on to .

Positions in Government Employment: Experience

Not every government job requires experience whether it is in general or specialized. However, experience does increase you chances in certain fields. It really depends on which agency you are applying and whether or not they have many candidates for their job. So if you have some experience in  hospitality jobs, you may want to apply in related fields such like tourism.

Positions in Government Employment: Who’s Hiring?

If you want to approach the various opportunities online that are available you can log on to the aforementioned sites. If you choose to start your quest by phone the OPM’s 24hr hotline is available whenever you are. The phone number is 1-(912)-757-3000. You can log on to the government employment vacancy list at . You can sign up for them to send you listings whenever they get open occupations in your area.

Positions in Government Employment: Is Training Required?

This is a hard question to answer as many positions in government employment have different requirements. First inquire with any contact email or numbers that are provided within the avenues I have expressed here -or- read up thoroughly on the precise requirements for the jobs on the listings.

Positions in Government Employment: Closing

I hope I have answered some of the questions surrounding government employment and the positions available to you. If you desire a government job and have something to offer to the position you are applying, then you are well on your way to getting hired.