Love Images and Their Negative Impressions


Love Images and Their Negative Impressions


The world’s history is full with many such incidents where love images worsened the life of peoples. Every feeling in this world has both positive and negative implications. It is the man who chooses himself the path to either of these. Man is selfish by nature and this trait has created many negative incidents where love images destroyed many homes. Actually age factor is also very important in keeping these images in device, at the desktops, or in the pockets. Usually people with less age or young adults are ruined due to romantic love images and it becomes very difficult to bring them back on the right track. Following are some of the negative impressions that these images have on the life of peoples.

Stress and Jealousy

The very first negative impression that these images can have is the stress and jealousy. The selfishness of Humans comes in effect here. Usually a lover wants his beloved to be only his and not to talk to others. And, if beloved does so, it causes a lot of stress in him and also jealousy. As a result their relationship breaks. These love images of earlier days then tend to make him worried and stress is shown at every step.

Sadness and Shame

Another negative impact of these love images on Humans life is that there are many instances where romantic break ups bring sadness and shame on the lover and beloved. This is also associated with age. After romantic break ups the young and enthusiastic young become sad and, at many times, these images become a reason of shame for them. Therefore, it is highly recommended not to possess these images in pocket to avoid shame and sadness.

Decrease Happiness and Life Satisfaction

The images of love put a positive impression on the people who succeed in their love but, for people who dot succeed; these are the source of dissatisfaction in life and decrease of happiness. Mostly this dissatisfaction leads them to do something negative that ruins their lives. These love images have the ability to sadden the individual.


The last negative impression of love images is the depression. In many cases these images are a cause of depression. A person feels depressed after seeing such images where he failed to get his beloved and his life becomes aimless.

In short, we can say that only the positive thinking can avoid the hardships of life and love images are a source of positive thinking in most of the cases.


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