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Her growing up years were spent finding what she really wants in life. The girl from Adelaide went from being a student to a juggler of nine jobs, before dropping herself to a completely new places. “I ended up loving it,” Maria says in her cute Aussie accent as she sits comfortably at the other side of the bed— hair tied in a messy bun, beautiful even without make-up, and just her usual self behind the camera.

Miria was having what she calls as ‘quarter life crisis,’ when, after going in and out of jobs, and finally landing in a job where she scans site for gadget reviews R-Tech24 , she realized that that was not something she really wants to pursue in the long run. She has the inner volition to chase something. Something that will make her alive, empowered, and inspired. And she started by getting in touch with her roots. Her experience of sleeping on the floor for five weeks at her extended family’s house, feeling at home, grounded, and safe, and away from glamorous hotel accommodations and luxury services, made her fell in love with the country.  When she went back to Australia, the then 22-year-old girl left her job at the corporate world, sold her car, leased her apartment, and gave away everything she had before buying a one-way ticket back to the place where she found life and love. Maria did not mind the crazy weather, traffic, and the busy city life that welcomed her. What she felt are those little first-time jitters of being alone in a foreign land. For months, Maria lived with her brother, who was also into modeling, but eventually had to venture out on her own when he decided to go back to Australia.Amidst all the butterflies in her stomach, she started with commercial modeling which, she said, was ‘incredibly bad.’ She recalls, “I was an extra for a shampoo commercial and I get 15 hundred pesos for an entire days work as an extra and I was so incredibly bad at being on camera that the director was actually like sort of raising her voice at me, telling me to, you know, not face away from the camera, not block the camera’s views, and the celebrity.” “You know my big moment, my being seen in the commercials got cut out, so I was like, ‘this is not meant for me,’” she says with a hearty laugh. It also came to a point when Maria felt that things are not turning the way she wants it. Surely, she knows that models who come here, or those who have traveled and lived abroad, have also gone passed the phase of having their peaks and lull factors in their runway careers.

“It occurred to me many times that perhaps I should consider going back. I really wanted stability in my life. Something that I love but would obviously provided an income,” she says. The idea of taking the England path, where she was born, was maybe the way to find the career she wants. She added, “It is very disheartening and discouraging but I truly believed that God has plans for me here and those seasons were all part of the puzzle of my journey here.”

“I don’t say that I enjoyed them but at the end of the day, it shaped me, it molded me.”

Starting on her own, Kim braved all these challenges. This tough and believer woman rented a unit in Eastwood while she chasing go-sees,  landing a few small roles in commercials and print ads, before clinching her first major endorsement.


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