About Yes!+

What is YES!+
A global movement committed to:
– Empowering young individuals to live free from stress with confidence and enthusiasm
– Building a generation of socially conscious and responsible young leaders
– Transforming campuses and workplaces into healthier and more productive institutions

By strengthening one individual at a time, we are dedicated to creating a stress-free and violence-free society.

1. Empowering

Everyone wants to live a confident, stress-free, and happy life. Some want to live with a sense of purpose while others are content excelling in the personal aspects of their lives. Either way, we all want to be happy. As each day presents itself, so does a new challenge: whether it’s to ace a final, finish a proposal for work, deal with relationships, or attend to personal matters, we are constantly accumulating stress. But when do we peel off these layers of anxiety, fear, loneliness, anger, guilt, frustration, sadness, or contempt? How do we acquire the ability to solve problems, be calm, dynamic, enthusiastic, and overall happy? It is as simple as YES!+. YES!+ is the basis for creating and maintaining a stress-free life and environment around you. It’s easy to obtain short-term happiness through people, experiences, and extra-curricular activities, but difficult to maintain and build on it to achieve sustainable happiness. This is where the YES!+ workshop comes in

2. Building

Have you ever noticed that when you’re happy you start smiling at strangers or are quick to lend a hand to someone else? It’s a natural instinct to do this when you’re peaceful and content because you start looking outwards to help others. Once you’re living a healthy and fulfilling life, only then can you focus on changing the world. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to think about massive issues such as global warming or world hunger. What can I do about it, alone? There’s no need to feel helpless because you’re not alone; millions of youth across the globe are already working together to help save our planet and much more. YES!+ is a platform for young individuals to work with like-minded people; it gives you a base and resources so you can work on any project you want. Together we can create a new healthy, happy, and proactive generation of leaders ready to take on all challenges. Whether you are new to YES!+ or have been a part of it for years, there is always more to gain. As a fast-pace generation at ease with innovation and achievement, we are all ready to take responsibility for a little more than ourselves

3. Transforming

With stress and anxiety buzzing throughout campuses and workplaces, the pressure is on young individuals to perform. So, how do we stay productive but less stressed? Is it even possible? Absolutely! It’s time to think outside the box and balance our lives with some spirituality. It is clear that alcohol and drugs don’t induce an overall healthy effect on the body and leave you feeling worse. As YES!+ strengthens the individual, it also provides school/work institutions with a healthier and long-lasting solution in creating a stress-free environment. By balancing the spiritual and materialistic aspects in life, employees and students can become more dynamic and energetic. YES!+ is transforming campuses and workplaces across the country into healthier and more productive institutions.