Advantages and Disadvantages of Recliner chairs



Recliner chairs have recently become quite popular. With a high demand, they come in variety of shapes, sizes, styles and features. Some of the recliners are used for medical purposes, some for providing simple relief to the body whereas some are designed merely for an add on furniture purpose

Before you select your recliner chair, read why you need them. How it can benefit you and what are the disadvantages of buying a recliner other than investing on a sofa.


  • Recliners are excellent for people who are suffering from back pain. Back pain is becoming one of the core diseases in the United States. People young or old are suffering from posture problem which effects their mobility and strength. If you too are suffering from back pain, then a recliner could be a relief for you. It automatically adjust with your body to start its therapy.
  • Many recliners now come with a cyclo-therapy technology which provides massage. By releasing a button, you can enjoy massaging vibrations that aid you in improving the blood circulation of the body.
  • It helps you alleviate muscular pain
  • Recliner chairs can be helpful for people who are unable to sleep.
  • It is great for pregnant women who suffer from backaches and leg aches.
  • They look attractive in your room


  • Many recliners that come in a leather fabric are not as comfortable as you would think them to be. Plus, leather is extremely expensive for an uncomfortable chair
  • It can take a lot of space of your room. If you have a small space, then placing a recliner could be a trouble for you
  • Recliner chairs require maintenance, if dirty, it is a hassle to clean them
  • If damaged, the repair can take a while
  • Some of the recliners are too heavy to be shifted here and there
  • If you have pets and children at home, you can expect the rocker recliner to get damaged easily because of the constant misuse.

Nonetheless, recliners are highly recommended by therapists as a supportive piece of furniture that helps you relax in a comfortable state. These chairs are being manufactured at a large scale, all across the globe because of their known benefits. If you have a good space in your house, then investing on recliner chairs would only bring you benefits.



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