Be a responsible scooter owner


So, I recently started negotiating with this UNU company, well not so much negotiating, as I ask them how much it would cost to buy a scooter off of them, and they tried to convince me that the impossible was true. Basically, this company says that I can have something affordable, environmentally responsible, and totally effective in its practical usage, for a price that I can absolutely afford. So, of course, being used to the automobile industry, I assume that something was wrong. No, it’s not wrong, this company just has a way of operating that makes sense for the consumer. Basically, if I put in an order for a scooter, they make that scooter just for me. It only goes into production to satisfy what I want. I get to choose the colors, and I get to choose from three engines that all offer unique parks. The price is not that much more than another high-end scooter, in fact the less than most of them. And, I get to choose everything. And I’ll never be paying for gas again in my life. Ever. This is an electric scooter. Well, charging it must be difficult then right? Wrong! Charging is the easiest part. It can be charged that any wall outlet. Any. You can just bring it inside plug it in, it takes 5 hours to charge from empty to full. And that battery will last 250 kilometers, which takes most City people over three days to reach that amount of driving. Isn’t that incredible? I think it’s insanely productive and amazing. I’m a big fan and I think that it will be a knockout product. Anyway, it seems like my negotiation is going pretty well and I’m going to buy one. How could I not? No pollution, and a whole lot of perks. What is until love about this company and they’re amazing the scooter? I have not found it yet.





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