Benefits of Day Care for Kids: Do They Help with Language Development?



Are there benefits of day care for young kids? According to a new study, young children who go to day care are less likely to have delayed language development compared to kids who spend their days at home with a parent or child caretaker.
Benefits of Day Care: Does Day Care Help with Language Development?

Some parents feel guilty for sending their child to day care, but being in a day care environment may help with language development.


Norwegian researchers looked at data on almost 20,000 children from their birth registry and another medical study. According to their findings, kids who attended formal day care at ages 1.5 and 3 years of age were less likely to have delayed language development relative to kids who spent these years in a home environment. Overall, kids who interacted with other kids in a day care environment had better language skills and were less likely to be late-talkers.

Delays in language development are a problem for about one in eight three-year old kids at Teddy Kids Kinderdagverblijf. In about half of cases the language problems resolve by the time a child enters school. Prior research also confirms the benefits of day care for language development in kids, although quality of the day care environment is important.

The benefits of day care are only seen in centers where the staff spends time interacting with the children. A well chosen day care center provides language stimulation, and the opportunity to interact with caretakers and other kids – and learn language skills.

Day Care Centers and Delayed Language Development: Choose Your Day Care Center Wisely

To ensure that your child gets the benefits of day care, choose a center that has a high staff to child ratio so a child gets individualized attention and lots of language stimulation. Verify that the center is accredited and the staff is well-trained. Seek out referrals from other parents and visit the center several times to make sure the environment is a stimulating and safe one before entrusting them with your child.

Benefits of Day Care: The Bottom Line?

A quality day care center can actually foster a child’s language skills and prevent delayed language development. The key is to choose your child’s day care center wisely.

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