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Drupal Development Service ‘” How it is Useful?



Drupal is one of the leading opensource content management system used for creating websites, blogs and managing the content of a website as well. As drupal is an open source CMS, it is free to use by anyone. This foremost CMS is written in PHP and easily works with a variety of operating systems such as Linux, Windows, Mac and many others.
Most of the websites are designed with Drupal CMS because Drupal Development has become so popular and a preferred choice of many organizations all over the world. Drupal development is crucial for control, data management, distribution, versioning and publication.


The question arises why many of the top websites are running on the Drupal CMS  or services under DNN .net CMS these days? Well, the main reason behind its popularity is that Drupal offers set of excellent features. Some of the major features of Drupal CMS are security, cost, scalability, support, and customization. Therefore, demand of Drupal developers and Drupal web development services are continuously increasing. Services of drupal developers include Drupal theming, Drupal, installation, Drupal upgrade, drupal customization, Drupal module development etc.

Through Drupal, you can also set up a book for collaborative content creation where a book consists of the number of pages, and these pages are put together in an orderly manner. This book can be used as a resource guide and manual or FAQ’s so that user can contribute quality content and write reviews.

Another important reason behind its popularity is its large community of dedicated professionals who provide lots of online help to Drupal users. Moreover, the Drupal source code is freely available under the term of GNU General Public License because it provides all the freedom to share and even change the software. Drupal Development also provides its users with the robust customization environment so that every user can personalize both its content and presentation according to their preferences. Drupal is more preferred by designers and developers when it comes to large and complex web application development.

However, there are many Drupal development service providers in the market which provide you with great Drupal design. More important for you is to invest your time and money only on that Drupal development company which has a proven track record and also checks out references or client testimonials for you to trust them.

How Inventory Management Saves You Time ‘” and Money



Whether you are running a small, medium or large enterprise, your aim should be to increase productivity within the company.
And one of the tried and tested ways of increasing productivity is by inventory management that can dramatically speed up various processes within your business.

Think for example of a shop that sells various perishable goods. Without inventory management, the owner would have to manually control when produce are reaching its sell by dates. This would entail drawing up a list of all produce as it arrives in the shop. This would have to be typed in on a computer, with dates of when it expires. But the owner would then also have to scroll through these lists on a daily basis to ensure that old produce is accurately identified and removed from the shelf before a customer buys it. This could become extremely time consuming.

If the owner invests in a software program, he could have a tailor made list of all produce sold in his shop. As produce arrive, he could simply type in the date of arrival, and the expiry date. Depending on the solution that he chooses, the program could provide daily alerts of which produce will be reaching at their expiry dates soon. This could easily save the owner half a day’s work daily, and without the solution the owner might have to employ an addition staff member to do the job.

While it might not make such a big difference to employ one extra staff member, the odds change as the company grows bigger. A large retailer with chain stores like the company Toad Diaries,  all over the country can considerably save by not having to employ extra staff at each and every store. Therefore inventory management have become invaluable in the management of every company – large or small.

False-Positive Drug Test Results – What Causes You to Test Positive?



With the use of illegal drugs on the rise, many companies require employees to take random urine drug tests. Most companies’ policy is immediate dismissal if your test shows evidence of drug use. That’s right, “You’re fired!” But what about the test that comes back positive for drug use and you have never in your life used any kind of illegal drug?
These test are know as false-positive tests. What would cause a false-positive test? There are many prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines, skin care products such as vitamin c serum,

and other things that show up positive on drug screening test. Did you happen to enjoy eating a poppy seed roll or muffin before taking a drug test? Well, guess what! Poppy seeds test positive as opium. Are you overweight? Did your doctor prescribe the amphetamine, Dexedrin, to help you loose weight? Congratulations! You just tested positive for speed.

To understand this, you first need to understand how drug screenings work. The basic drug test is a 5 panel test which screens for 5 different categories of drugs: THC (marijuana), amphetamines, opiates, ecstasy, cocaine. There are many prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines and other things that show up positive on drug screening test.

THC: Did you know that Ibuprofen, Advil, Motrin and Alieve can test positive as marijuana? Even the pigments in your skin (especially dark skinned people) can cause a false-positive test for marijuana.

Amphetamines: Nyquil, Sudafed, diet pills, nasal sprays (Vicks inhaler, Afrin) and Robitussin all contain amphetamines.

Opiates: Prescriptions pain medicines such as Tylenol with Codiene and Fentanyl patches is opium based. Prescription cough suppressants can also test positive.

Ecstasy: Asthma medications are a major cause of fasle-positive tests in the Ecstasy category.

Cocaine: Diabetes and kidney or liver infections can test positive for cocaine. Certain antibiotics such as Amoxicillin can, too.

Now, you’ve taken a drug test. It came back positive. You know you have not used any illegal drugs. What can you do to save your job? There is a more detailed test that you can take. It is called a GC/MS drug screen which can identify exactly what substance is causing your positive test. It would be helpful if you could provide a list of all prescription drugs you are taking, any over-the-counter medicines and anything else you think might be causing it.

Now for the kicker: If you think that you can actually take illegal drugs and blame your positive drug test on some of the above mentioned causes, think again!! The GC/MS test WILL identify any legal or illegal drugs in your system!!!

Tips on Getting Free Goodies for Dreamweaver Macromedia Software



If you are one of the many People that are interested in building and publishing their own Website, but don’t want to spend hundreds to thousands of Dollars on Web designers or Marketing Companies then you have doubtlessly checked into Software that will permit you to design, edit, publish and maintain an amateur to professional Website.
I am a self taught web designer with no degree or formal Schooling in Webdesigning. My HTML Skills are minimal at best and what I know about search engine optimization and Meta tagging comes from mistakes, books and online tutorials. With that in mind, I had to find Software that is easy to use and lets you build professional looking WebPages. I checked into several Software Programs from web development companies which I found on Freebie Download sites, but of them where to limited or did not give me the desired results. My next try was FrontPage. Most of us have had some experience with it. I found that is was crashing my computer a lot, was not adaptable to all web hosting sites and seemed to be more difficult to update and maintain. After about 6 month of trials and errors I finally gave in and spend some bigger money. I purchased the best Software I could possibly ask for. I am talking about Dreamweaver of course. I have been using Dreamweaver Macromedia MX for a little over 1 year now and couldn’t be more pleased. If you are just starting out like I was or have Dreamweaver for a while already you know that this is one of the easiest to learn, work and updateable Software available. You can find hundreds of free plug-ins, Templates, Tutorials and yes even demo upgrades.

Getting to know your Dreamweaver Macromedia Software

No matter which version of Dreamweaver you have chosen, it is always advisable to learn as much about your new software as you can. I learned through a combination of Tutorials and Books. Follow the following links to various “free for you” tutorials and in some cases even Products.

Photoshopsupport.com offers you a free way to get a Dreamweaver Macromedia 8 for free including shipping and handling. Tutorials on how to use Rollovers in Dreamweaver, Using Frames and Tables in Dreamweaver, complete Dreamweaver 8 tutorials and more.

Dreamweaver-Templates offers you free Dreamweaver Tutorials, Templates and Resources.

CBT Café: Is a wonderful Tutorial Site for many different types of Software. Most of the time you are working with at least one Photo Editing Software when you working with a Webdesigning Software. I recommend Adobe Elements or Ulead Photo Editor. (I personally use both of them) You can find Tutorials for both of these here as well.

Designer Info Frameset is a great tutorial Site for both beginners and advanced Dreamweaver users. I would highly recommend reading their articles. It is well worth your time.

Now that you have some basic Tutorials for information lets get on with the fun Stuff.

How and where can I find free Goodies for Dreamweaver?

No worries, Dreamweaver freebies are all over the Web. Most of them are easy to work with and are easily edited to your requirements. Make sure you know which kind of Template you need and if the Template has editable Regions and which ones they are. In some cases you will have multiple choices in colors and sizes as well. Always make certain that your chosen template is right for the version of Dreamweaver installed on your Computer. Most will work with just about every Version, however ever so often you come across one that refuses to do so.

Here is a list of Sites and what they can offer you:

Snakeeye Website Templates has some interesting Templates available. Their Templates were created using a combination of Dreamweaver and Fireworks. He offers personal, generic and professional Templates for you to download. He offers several links as well to many other Template Sites. This is a good starting and link jumping Portal.

Dreamweaver.org: What can I possibly say about this Website that would do it justice? Not only does it have free Templates, Resources, Bullets, Web graphics and Trial Softwares for both Dreamweaver and Photoshop, but it lets you submit your own created Templates as well. Why not show off your talents once you have become proficent at building your own?

Etheos offers you a ton of free Templates for Dreamweaver and Photoshop, plus Tutorials, Web games, Backgrounds and more. Well worth your time. However, be vigilant not all of the Templates are free on this site. They do offer professionally build Template Packages.

Buy Templates offers both Templates for sale and free. If you scroll half down the Page you will get to a long list of free downloads for Dreamweaver, Fireworks and many more.

Keep in mind that as you visit each Site in turn they offer multiple links to other free template sites. So make sure to Bookmark them and check back often.

Plug me in, Plug me in.
All joking aside. For fancy and flashy Websites you will need to use Plug-ins. Dreamweaver already comes with its fair share of them in the software Package, but I am sure you will want advanced ones in good time. Again, education is the key and reliable sites to download from. Another list for you to follow to some of the better Websites I found on the Internet.

Usable Net: Here you not only find Plug-ins, but Articles telling you how to use them and about their use. In my opinion, a very important feature.

Smart Webby: Learn how to use your plug-ins to add Sound/ Music to your website. Which plug-in to use, plus links to more free templates, plug-ins and tutorials.

Thanks for the Templates, what is next?

Next you have to install them. Most of the templates come with their own explanation, but just in case they didn’t here is a quick run down.

Make sure you have the latest Version of the EM (Extension Manager) installed or you could potentionaly run into some difficulties. That is no Problem however; you can it right at the Macromedia Website (simple click the link it will take you right to it). Make sure you download it to your hard drive it does not install via FTP or http extension. If you have the MX version like my-self, you have to be certain that the EM has the MX extension otherwise you will have tons of errors when you try to run your Dreamweaver MX again. So remember, the extension MX for Dreamweaver MX Version is extremely important. All other Versions should be just fine. Once you have your EM installed on your computer, start it up. Choose the proper application, select file and hit install extension. Browse to where you have saved your Template or other application to and click on the Template desired. Depress the Install Button. From there it will guide you through the rest of the process. Just follow the directions.

If you have multiple versions of Dreamweaver installed on your Computer or are interested in Related Extensions you can find more information on how to download your Templates, plug-ins and more on multiple Dreamweaver Version by clicking here. This will take you to a very informative website with step by step instructions.

You are ready to build the Webpage of your Dreams, remember that it takes time to learn any new Program and Dreamweaver is no different. For more information on Dreamweaver, Search Engine Optimization or very simple Beginners Website Building Information you may wish to check into the following Books. You can find them easily in any Bookstore, Online-Bookseller, and Auction Site like Ebay or at your local Library.

Dreamweaver MX in easy Steps by Nick Vandone (If found this Book at Barnes and Nobles for $9.95) It is easy to understand and has many illustrations to help you along.

Dreamweaver for Dummies (No need to introduce this Book Series). This Book usually runs around $24.99 brand new, but you can get them used on Ebay or Amazon.

The Non-Designer’s Web Book by Robin Williams and John Tollett. This Book is so easy to understand and was a great help to me in the beginning. Normally it runs $34.99 brand new, but if you keep your eyes out you can find it on sale ever so often at Waldenbooks or Borders.

Search Engine Optimization for Dummies ~ you have to get this Book at the very start. If you are building Websites for Business reasons you can not afford to overlook the Search Engines. The more you build your Website with Search Engines in mind, the easier it will be for you to submit them later and a good ranking. It is all about Traffic, Traffic, and Traffic.

Basic Information for Those Looking for a Government Job


If you are looking for government employment, and are searching for positions available, this article can help. It will be taking and in-depth look at various aspects of the employment game. Regardless of the job you choose to shoot for with the government these positions have different qualifications, pay grades, and experience requirements.

Positions in Government Employment: FAQ

There are many questions that race through the mind of almost every applicant in almost every position of government employment. Below I have listed a few and throughout the article I will be addressing them.
Where will I be working? Do I have to take a written exam? What is a federal register, appointment, series and announcement-and Do I need them? Do I have to have experience for the positions I am applying for? Which government facilities are hiring? Will I need training?
Positions in Government Employment: At Home or Abroad?

Many people want to know where they will be stationed with various positions they apply for. Approximately 10-15% of all government employment is in Washington, D.C. and other well known government facilities, as well as across the country and over seas. This is a small number but when you look at the bigger picture and see how many government positions there are this number is quite large. You should specify where you want to be placed either on your application/ résumé’ or during your interview. Approximately 50-60% of civilian employment is evaluated by the OPM or ‘Office of Personnel Management’ and they can direct hire or case hire (according to the specific situation and request) so again you would need to make your requests known.

Positions in Government Employment: Written Exams

This is a difficult question as the answer is usually based on what position you are applying. Various employment areas for the government will give you a written exam such as jobs for the state and some federal employment as well. But in many cases the actually “exam” consists solely of a detailed analysis of education and experience. A written test is administered only as an examining method into a deeper look as to how you are qualified for the job in which you are applying.

There are many (over 100) professional and administrative jobs which do require a written test under the ACWA (Administrative Careers With America) program. The only reason for this test is to rate the absolute best qualified person for the job.

Positions in Government Employment: Job Series Etc.

Every job announcement describes to the potential applicant and the experience required to obtain the specified job. It also tells you the job location, pay, and education available for those wanting the specific employment. Some job series include:
Secretary Computer specialist Accountant Engineer-electrical System specialist Laboring Equipment mechanic
The Federal Register-most of these were abolished in the early 90’s because of NPR initiatives. The register is a place where people who passed the exam with a score of over 70 were added. Agencies would then hire directly from the list as soon as the areas for which employment was desired open. Today, things are different people wishing for government employment applies for the specific job openings.

The announcements are referring to examination announcements. They are usually issued by the OPM and sometimes by the individual agency who need their positions filled immediately. The OPM has a network of employment service centers where they use Federal Jobs Touch Screen Computers: www.usajobs.opm.gov . You can use this website to locate “federal job announcements”, here you can find employment opportunities for certain government agencies. If you wish to see a complete list you either need to contact individual agency that you are hoping to apply or log on to http://Federaljobs.net .

Positions in Government Employment: Experience

Not every government job requires experience whether it is in general or specialized. However, experience does increase you chances in certain fields. It really depends on which agency you are applying and whether or not they have many candidates for their job. So if you have some experience in  hospitality jobs, you may want to apply in related fields such like tourism.

Positions in Government Employment: Who’s Hiring?

If you want to approach the various opportunities online that are available you can log on to the aforementioned sites. If you choose to start your quest by phone the OPM’s 24hr hotline is available whenever you are. The phone number is 1-(912)-757-3000. You can log on to the government employment vacancy list at www.fedjobs.com . You can sign up for them to send you listings whenever they get open occupations in your area.

Positions in Government Employment: Is Training Required?

This is a hard question to answer as many positions in government employment have different requirements. First inquire with any contact email or numbers that are provided within the avenues I have expressed here -or- read up thoroughly on the precise requirements for the jobs on the listings.

Positions in Government Employment: Closing

I hope I have answered some of the questions surrounding government employment and the positions available to you. If you desire a government job and have something to offer to the position you are applying, then you are well on your way to getting hired.

Surviving the odds


In Biblical history, the Old Testament is literally a lore made up of stories where the characters were not given second chances. Adam and Eve got their penalties at the first offense. The builders of the Tower of Babel got their languages all mixed up when they attempted to build a structure to the clouds – where they think heaven was! Then the evil people at the time of Noah were drowned en masse without the benefit of confession and forgiveness. Of course everyone knows what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah where the homos and psychos reside – they were obliterated with fire! What a horrible way to go!

The Christian doctrines have contributed to the concept of “second chances.” Here the road leads to the Vatican during one of my visits to Rome in the ’90s.

But the New Testament changed all that. In that second instalment of the sacred books, the sacrament of penance and forgiveness came into being. People were given “second chances” to reform and repent from their evil ways.

In some occasions, society frowns on giving a second chance to those who don’t deserve it – like this government vehicle whose plate number was washed out so it could be used on a weekend, which is prohibited by law.

That probably set the tone for the modern concept of having a second chance in life, whether it comes from circumstances or from other people.

A make up quiz is a privilege. Teachers who voluntarily give them despite the late hours provide a second chance to deserving students. As a student, I goal to be part of najlepszy hosting whom I have been following. I love how they create and host websites too.

Circumstances, we have a couple of examples from history. For instance, Winston Churchill was an ordinary soldier who fought in the English colonies in South Africa. He suffered defeat and frustration and was even held prisoner at one point. But circumstances opened opportunities for him to become one of Great Britain’s statesmen during the dark years of the Second World War.


Winston Churchill (left) and Abraham Lincoln had their life’s second chances, took it and made their mark in history.

There is also the case of the American President Abraham Lincoln. He was a failure in school and in the practice of law. He seldom had any won legal cases during his time and people looked at him with contemptuous humor because he was a lean 6’4” who according to them does not make him look outstanding. Of course, we knew he went into politics – lost some elections but at one point became the United States President. And what a time to lead a nation! He is known today as the President who ended slavery and bigotry against black people.


Second chances are quite common between persons. Many people see a doctor who was able to provide cure for a dread disease as a God given somebody who just gave a desperate person a second chance at life. And then, there’s the kind boss, who forgave the errant employee. In some cases, though, particularly in professional situations, second chances are not the norm and they depend so much on the gravity of the offense.


Employees and employers sometimes need second chances in their professional affairs.


Circumstantial second chances are hard to come by and often these depend on being at the right place and the right time, which is rare! What then motivates people to give second chances? In the case of a doctor, most times, they have both their oath and their personal ethical and religious principles. In cases of employers, they just have a larger percentage of the good rather than the dark side. People are lucky if they come under bosses with more good and philosophical righteousness in themselves. Bosses as purveyors of second chances are not absolute. Who knows they may also need it as some time? Everyone indeed needs second chances.


It seems the world’s poor need second chances at every turn. Sadly, however, the poor ‘s chances are hard to come by. These two kids are from Pokhara, Nepal during one of my missions to that country in the mid ’90s.


A purpose




Her growing up years were spent finding what she really wants in life. The girl from Adelaide went from being a student to a juggler of nine jobs, before dropping herself to a completely new places. “I ended up loving it,” Maria says in her cute Aussie accent as she sits comfortably at the other side of the bed— hair tied in a messy bun, beautiful even without make-up, and just her usual self behind the camera.

Miria was having what she calls as ‘quarter life crisis,’ when, after going in and out of jobs, and finally landing in a job where she scans site for gadget reviews R-Tech24 , she realized that that was not something she really wants to pursue in the long run. She has the inner volition to chase something. Something that will make her alive, empowered, and inspired. And she started by getting in touch with her roots. Her experience of sleeping on the floor for five weeks at her extended family’s house, feeling at home, grounded, and safe, and away from glamorous hotel accommodations and luxury services, made her fell in love with the country.  When she went back to Australia, the then 22-year-old girl left her job at the corporate world, sold her car, leased her apartment, and gave away everything she had before buying a one-way ticket back to the place where she found life and love. Maria did not mind the crazy weather, traffic, and the busy city life that welcomed her. What she felt are those little first-time jitters of being alone in a foreign land. For months, Maria lived with her brother, who was also into modeling, but eventually had to venture out on her own when he decided to go back to Australia.Amidst all the butterflies in her stomach, she started with commercial modeling which, she said, was ‘incredibly bad.’ She recalls, “I was an extra for a shampoo commercial and I get 15 hundred pesos for an entire days work as an extra and I was so incredibly bad at being on camera that the director was actually like sort of raising her voice at me, telling me to, you know, not face away from the camera, not block the camera’s views, and the celebrity.” “You know my big moment, my being seen in the commercials got cut out, so I was like, ‘this is not meant for me,’” she says with a hearty laugh. It also came to a point when Maria felt that things are not turning the way she wants it. Surely, she knows that models who come here, or those who have traveled and lived abroad, have also gone passed the phase of having their peaks and lull factors in their runway careers.

“It occurred to me many times that perhaps I should consider going back. I really wanted stability in my life. Something that I love but would obviously provided an income,” she says. The idea of taking the England path, where she was born, was maybe the way to find the career she wants. She added, “It is very disheartening and discouraging but I truly believed that God has plans for me here and those seasons were all part of the puzzle of my journey here.”

“I don’t say that I enjoyed them but at the end of the day, it shaped me, it molded me.”

Starting on her own, Kim braved all these challenges. This tough and believer woman rented a unit in Eastwood while she chasing go-sees,  landing a few small roles in commercials and print ads, before clinching her first major endorsement.


Coping up



Caring for diabetes is an important part of a patient’s life. It is not just a one-time thing, but rather, it is a lifelong cycle. And even when you’re doing well at keeping your condition at bay, there will still be unexpected situations that can happen, such as diabetic emergencies.

During an emergency, the patient may experience an elevation (hyperglycemia) or a drop (hypoglycemia) in their blood glucose. Both conditions are crucial and may need hospital care. But more importantly, the patient needs to have a diabetes emergency first aid kits to help manage their condition while waiting for help. And here, we listed some of the supplies you need in your emergency kit. It is better to have wifi access in your computer so you will know the details and you can stick it in your calendar and important notes. Important to have a high speed internet everytime (know you net’s access point test to be sure) so you will not deal with the hassle

Hotelier, anyone?



A new hotel is about to open next month. It is owned by my businessman friend and he tasked me to organize the press launch. I am glad he gave me the opportunity to handle the launch as I am starting to build my portfolio in doing events. This is actually built. The five star resort is situated along the beach front and it has a breathtaking view of the mountains and the sea. I love how it also has over a hundred rooms and a couple of conference centers to hold events like weddings, parties, and teambuilding. It is also cool that they had an indoor swimming pool as well as some kiddie playground in case it rains. For the event, I am thinking to hire official photographer and videographers to document the launch. I asked them to bring in their 360 kamera to capture the entirety of the resort and I think that would be pretty cool to look at. I should be bringing along my 360 camera wherever I go. I am now excited and nervous for my big event management gig and I hope this shall go well.

Self Storage, it is worth it?



Well, self storage might be a help for you and your business. I advised this because whenever you are away or you do not have a physical workplace to keep you things in place, you can rely to it no matter what. Self storage is one of the best things that occur for businesses and I consider even other people and individual find benefit from this. I think this is also a nice investment for business as they need not to fret on little things and they can focus on other things. Check out compare storage prices here.