The YES!+ Workshop (find a course near you)


~ Decreased stress and anxiety
~ Increased concentration and focus
~ Improved relationships
~ Strengthened leadership abilities
~ Enhanced communication skills
~ Restful sleep and stronger immune system
~ Improved overall health
~ Happy, joyful, and enthusiastic state of mind
What is the YES!+ Workshop?

YES!+ (Yes Plus) is a life skills workshop designed specifically for post-secondary students and young professionals. These life skills include everything we should have learned in school, but were never taught. Things like understanding the basis for concentration and focus necessary for studying or being on task, or not getting caught up in anxious thoughts about the future or angry or regretful thoughts about the past. Imagine being able to snap yourself to the present moment to do what’s most important NOW! We spend so much time not being in the present and, ironically, our biggest complaint is always about not having enough time. But when do we take the time to question how we spend our time in the first place? That’s why the workshop offers simple breathing exercises for immediate stress relief, and obtaining the focus to do what’s most important. It’s obvious how that, alone, would increase our productivity by 10 fold, and then the grades, job, and everything else will fall into place.

With a little help, anyone can meditate

When people hear about meditation, they almost always say either they have never tried it, or they were not able to do it. Someone may have told you that thoughts were supposed to go away, but when you closed your eyes, more thoughts than ever came up. With Sudarshan Kriya, meditation can happen effortlessly.
Sudarshan Kriya
Breathing that takes you into meditation
Sudarshan Kriya is an incredible breathing technique that takes you into a deep state of meditation, whether or not you have any previous experience of meditation. Millions of people have done it, with excellent results. Most people feel deeply relaxed, renewed, as if a weight has been lifted. And anyone can do it. Sudarshan Kriya is the highlight of a series of yoga and meditation techniques you learn on YES!+ to give you more energy, greater peace of mind, better focus, and more.

A little self-knowledge goes a long way. On YES!+ you get a lot.
It’s amazing what we don’t notice about ourselves day in and day out. We get stuck in the same patterns, and often miss simple truths. For example, have you noticed that you often remember an insult more than a compliment? How about the fact that you feel so good after being sick? Sure, on some level we have noticed all these things. But with a little awareness and wisdom, we can look deeper into these patterns of the mind and become freer and more relaxed, and be able to enjoy the present more fully. YES!+ brings us greater awareness of things we have all been aware of to some extent, and brings us to a whole new level of understanding.

YES!+ gives you the strength to do great things in the world.
Sometimes we have the idea that people who meditate just sit around and don’t do a whole lot. Sure, they are very peaceful, but what about people who have a lot of ambition and want to do great things in the world? YES!+ is as much about action as it is about meditation. Just like to shoot an arrow forward we must first pull the string back, to really engage in dynamic action we need deep rest. Meditation gives us that rest. Then once the mind is clear, once we are strong in our mind and emotions, we will have the courage and confidence to take on big things, and do a lot both for us and for the world.