Stand Up Take Action Campaign

Oct, 16, 2009 Art of Living youth leaders, along with millions of young leaders across the globe, join the United Nation’s Stand Up Take Action Campaign in an effort to raise awareness of the UN Millennium Development Goals. More than two thousand students and young professionals across Canada come together to take a stand against poverty. Seven cities across Canada take part in Stand Up Take Action by each city organizing awareness walks. Pledges were read at high school assemblies in some cities, and university classroom presentations given in some. Since 2007, the Art of Living Foundation has mobilized over 10 million people worldwide to Stand Up and Take Action for the Millennium Development Goals of Eradicating Extreme Poverty and Hunger, Achieving Universal Primary Education, and Ensuring Environmental Sustainability.

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YES!+ FEST June 9th 2009

An event hosted by YES!+ Canada, YES!+ FEST was a concert promoting non-violence, and a celebration of a global youth movement. It united Canada’s premier charitable organizations, environmentalists, youth leaders and emerging musicians.

YES!+ FEST was an extravaganza of youthful energy, optimism and commitment to individual and global transformation. YES!+ FEST brought together young leaders to raise awareness of the international YES!+ movement in a positive, fun setting.

Inspired by the transformation in their own lives, the YES!+ team organized the concert as a drug-free, alcohol-free event that promotes healthier values amongst university students.
Montreal: June 10, 2009 | Vancouver: November 8, 2009

Art of Living volunteers, in collaboration with the City of Mississauga, took on the goal of planting 10 000 trees in Shelby Park in 2008. The project is part of Mission Green Earth, a global Art of Living project . Shelby Woods is expected to become an urban forest by fall 2009. The Art of Living encourages the public to join in planting trees to reduce the effects of global warming. The initiative, taken up in association with the United Nations Millennium Campaign (UNMC) and United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), aims to plant at least 100 million saplings between July 16, 2008 and July 2009 in different parts of the world. This simple act of planting a tree makes a big difference to the global environment. Trees absorb and store the key greenhouse gas emitted by our cars and power plants, carbon dioxide (CO2), before it has a chance to reach the upper atmosphere where it traps heat around the Earth’s surface. Trees also filter pollution from the air, recycle water and prevent soil loss. The Art of Living has been promoting tree plantation for many years through its vast volunteer network. Tree plantation forms an integral part of its social intervention programme, 5H. Under this programme, millions of trees have been planted in thousands of villages in India. In 2005, the Art of Living distributed 100,000 plants in test tubes in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah during the World Environmental Week.

Since 2008: Mississauga

Adopting a Park

In collaboration with the City of Mississauga, Art of Living volunteers have adopted the Jack Darling Park as a long-term service project. The Foundation is responsible for the planting, cleaning and restoration activities in the park. The development and maintenance of the park will provide a beautiful area for people to enjoy, while improving the quality of air in this part of the city.

Organic Gardening

The North American Center (in Mauricie) is home to a fruit orchard and six organic gardens certified in Quebec by GARANTIE BIO- ECOCERT. In 2006, a garden internship was established for students from different colleges and universities. The program allows students to gain insight into the intricacies of organic food production.

Since 2006: Quebec

Keeping the Homeless Warm

YES!+ teams annually distribute winter clothes to people in need. Volunteers from Polytechnique, Concordia and McGill universities collect clothes and food each year for “Dans La Rue”, an organization that helps young people living on the streets. Other events, including Christmas sock drives and clothing drives are held throughout the year by different YES!+ cities of Canada with the involvement of the enthusiastic volunteers of YES!+.

Toronto | Montreal

Food Banks and Soup Kitchens

YES!+ volunteers join hands with other groups to help serve people in need. The teams works with the “Living Room” program every month to provide, cook and serve food to mentally challenged persons. Another team of YES!+ works with Toronto Council Fire Centre to cook and serve food. This centre provides services to all members of the community, including First Nations families living in the Region Park area.

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Supporting First Nation Communities

In response to the current crisis of widespread substance abuse, depression and suicide in children, Art of Living volunteers began working with the Pauingassi First Nations community in the fall of 2005.Yoga and introductory breathing techniques were introduced in the community. The Art of Living partnered with local social workers of Child and Family Services of the Southeast Tribal Council of Manitoba, who have benefited from our courses. After-school programs for children were offered, including activities such as yoga, crafts, vegetarian cooking, and games. Art of Living volunteers also implemented service projects in the Gitanyow Reserve in Northern BC.

Manitoba | Northern BC

Kids For Kids Project

Offered in schools, this project inspires children to do “random acts of kindness” at home and in their community for 30 days. The program helps to reduce school bullying and violence, while promoting a sense of belongingness, harmony and community amongst the children. Initiated by YES!+ with a partnership with Elmlea public School, the program has now spread across Canada.


First Nation Youth Summer Camp

In conjunction with Southeast Child and Family Services, an innovative summer camp for teens of Pauingassi is offered at the Art of Living Center. The “Youth Empowerment Seminar” (YES!), part of the summer camp, emphasizes leadership and human values, and sets a solid foundation to further youth leadership work within the larger community of Pauingassi. The program is a direct opportunity for these youth to break free form a cycle of abuse, neglect and isolation.


Sharing with Less Fortunate

As part of the “Kids for Kids Project”, the children of Lauren Hill Academy have raised funds for the children of Hospital Maisonneuve Rosemont. Art of Living volunteers also visited the children of the Hospital for Story Telling. In Brampton, Ontario a group of youth from the YES! program ran Christmas Toy and Food Drives to help Toronto families in need. The project benefited Native Child & Family, Native Women Resource Center, and Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre.

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