The design of Ricoh Theta S


The design of Ricoh Theta S:

If you are a loyal customer of Ricoh Company then, you’ll know what to find in Ricoh Theta S, but if this is the first experience of yours’ with any of the Ricoh products, then you’ll be amazed by its wonderful design and easy to use features. However, this article focuses mostly on the design elements of the camera and the physical aspects. So, here you go:


On the first look of the Ricoh camera, your expressions will probably be similar to the other users. Want to know what were they? They regarded is beautiful. The design of the camera does not make it look like a camera rather it is much similar to the gadgets of the Hollywood movies where fictitious technology is represented through sophisticated gadgets. But don’t worry, nothing is fictitious in it and you’ll get a full camera with good quality.


Moreover, the camera is slim in shape. It only has a width of a few millimeters where the buttons for operating the camera attached on the side. Its slim design has a role to play in its beauty and attractiveness for the users. Moreover, the slim design also makes it look stylish.


The weight of the entire camera is 125g only. You can carry it easily, taking it with you wherever you want to get the valuable moments saved in the digital form. The lightweight feature of the camera also permits easy picture taking where you can capture one after the other pictures easily without having to give rest to your hand after a few successive clicks.


The overall size of the camera is small as well. it is not only its sides which are thin as discussed above but the overall length is easily manageable. To be precise, the width of the camera is 44mm, its height is 130mm and the depth accounts for 22.9mm. So, you have seen it yourself, you can grip the entire camera easily in your fist. However, for taking pictures putting it down on some surface or holding the camera with the care not to get the picture of the fingers only is required for taking good pictures and videos.

You’ll surely like the design and sleekness of the Ricoh Theta S. in order to try the picture quality and explore the design elements and features of the camera, buy one now.


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