This might seem like a weird question


This might seem like a weird question, but I’m wondering if there are any spas in the city that are conducive to the presence of men. Hear me out, I’m just looking for a place that I can go and relax and maybe get pampered for a bit that isn’t totally full of women in feminine energy? Is there a Raleigh Spa that’s like this? It seems like there should be, but I’ve never gone to the spa before, so I guess I’m not totally sure if it’s a thing or not. I mean, why wouldn’t it be? It’s not like hot tubs and massages are only good for women! All sorts of men like this be warm and pampered touch tonight.

I suppose this has been something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. It feels like a lot of the best things in our society we’ve given fully to women. I know, for me, there are all sorts of feminine things that I absolutely love to do, but I feel like society would judge me if I was public about it. I don’t need to go further into this, this isn’t a therapy session, I’m just wondering if there is a male-based Spa in the city that would welcome my presence… Is that too much to ask? I’m also not saying that I don’t want to go somewhere where women are present… trust me, I love women, and I like having them around. Sometimes, though, you just want to be around men. I know in Turkey there are Turkish bath houses which are Infamous for being populated by men and boys and the massages, from what I hear, are pretty intense and tough. Are there Turkish bath houses in North Carolina? Who knows. If there’s something to that effect, though, I hope you’ll let me know, because I would absolutely love to have the experience of trying that out. I think there are bath houses for men in Sweden too… I wonder why it is not a thing here in America… unless it is? There’s also a chance I just don’t know about it. Wouldn’t be the first time!


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